Crash and Burn: A Short Story Exclusive
Released On: Nov 15, 2016

From #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes a shocking short story, where a chance mishap leads to the discovery of a weapon like no other in . . . Crash and Burn.

On a transatlantic flight, the two black sheep of Sigma Force—Seichan and Kowalski—must set aside their mutual dislike as a mysterious fiery force knocks their aircraft out of the sky. This unlikely duo must use every skill, weapon, and bit of ingenuity to survive a night on a remote volcanic island, where their only refuge is the haunted, bat-plagued grounds of a seemingly deserted resort. But something horrific awaits the two, something born of the latest science but rooted in our basest human instincts. To survive they will need to learn to work together—but even then, it may be too late.

Included with this short story is a sneak peek at The Seventh Plague, which raises the question: If the biblical plagues of Egypt truly happened, could they happen again? The frightening answer: Yes.

*The Short Story Crash and Burn now available in the omnibus “Unrestricted Access: New and Classic Short Fiction and is also included in the paperback edition of The Seventh Plague.

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Critical Acclaim

  • A good addition to the Sigma Force series. These are good airplane books - adventure/thriller, can be put down and picked up, and quick reads.

    Dallas M [A good addition to the Sigma Force series] (Reader Review)
  • Love it! A quick read and I look forward what it's leading into. 2 of my favorite characters finally on their own together with their conflicting personalities.....what's not to love?

    BoiseFan101 [Love it! A quick read and I look forward ...] (Reader Review)
  • Good look at Seichan and Kowolski, two side characters in SIGMA Force. strange SCI-FI type weapon, and a lot of 'back pocket' planning and operation enable the SIGMA force pro to survive and Win.

    Richard E. Johns (Reader Review)
  • Another great Sigma Force story. Entertaining and riveting - as usual! My only regret is that I wish the story were longer!

    Mrs. Kraup [Great read - as always] (Reader Review)
  • Great fast read!

    L. A. Fulton [Five Stars] (Reader Review)
  • I was pleased with the pace of the story. Plenty of action for a short story. Characters are consistent with their nature in earlier episodes of Sigma Force.

    Harold Burks [I was pleased with the pace of the story] (Reader Review)
  • Story too short. I wanted more. Characters are the best. I love them. I expect more from 7th plague. Am really excited about the new book.

    gazzingan [Non stop action] (Reader Review)
  • On a transatlantic flight, SIGMA Force agents Seichan and Kowalski survive a fiery force which knocks their plane out of the air. They survive the night in the forest on a volcanic island. On the island is a large resort hotel, still under construction, but open. However, the agents find it empty and haunting. There are bodies laying everywhere, but they only seem to be in a coma. There is a new horrific scientific study going on here, and Seichan and Kowalski will have to work together if they are to survive. As always, James Rollins certainly knows how to captivate his readers with mystery, action, and good writing. Highly recommend to readers who have not become familiar with Rollins' novels.

    Nancy L. Silk [A Sizzling, Action Packed Mystery] (Reader Review)
  • Anything James Rollins writes is awesome. And I love getting a taste of a new book before it comes out. Thanks James.

    Jo Schmitt [Anything James Rollins writes is awesome. And I love getting a taste of a ...] (Reader Review)
  • Rollins does it again! While a short story.. it is a smash'em up, knock'em down thriller! Two of my favorite characters.. Seichan and Kowalski are tossed together in an adventure of survival. They really don't care for one another.. but, they easily set aside their differences to take on a savage group who is using a new weapon that no one has ever heard of.. much less had used against them.

    The short story is an introduction to Rollins upcoming release, 'The Seventh Plague' which promises to be a must have book to read over Christmas vacation. If you can set it aside for that long! It will be available for purchase on December 13th, 2016!! Ohhhhhh.. Santa.. Please sneak me an early copy!!

    Mamabear Cherei [A smash'em up, knock'em down short thriller!] (Reader Review)
  • Jim strikes again. Love these scary weapons being developed. Will we never become civilized?
    Looking forward to the Seventh Plague.

    Shelley L. Janek [Excellent as always] (Reader Review)
  • Sort and sweet but filled with weaponry to excite all. Spooky indeed but always a pleasure to see Seichan and especially to see the softer side.

    Peggy J. Kincaid [Bat Vacation] (Reader Review)
  • For a short story this was outstanding. Love the 2 characters who were featured in this one. Full of action from start to finish.

    Henry S. [Great read] (Reader Review)
  • I just finished reading Crash and Burn by New York Times bestselling author James Rollins. This short story is number 11.5 in the Sigma Force series. It involves the Team Sigma outsiders - our prodigal soldier boy, Joe Kowalski and the mysterious and lethal, Seichan. So excited that these two get the short stories to extoll their talents and get the opportunity to shine on their own.

    This is a fast paced, thrilling and terrifying story. Forced to crash land their plane on a remote island in the Azores after a debilitating malfunction, Seichan and Joe fight with what resources they have at hand to survive. Come with Joe and Seichan as they undertake a 12 hour battle against pure evil. This story content will truly scare the bejesus out of you.

    In reference to Jim’s remarks in the “What’s True, What’s Not” section – No, I don’t think you’re wrong (just don't aim it at me). As to the Azores – My bags are packed. Just let me know what flight to book.

    This short story also contained the prologue and first chapter of the new Sigma Novel, The Seventh Plague, being published December 13, 2016. So glad to see a sorely missed friend from an earlier storyline returning. This release can't come fast enough!

    Su Ann Thompson [Great short story!] (Reader Review)


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