E-Book Reading Software

Would you like to read an eBook, but you do not have an eReader? There are a large number of available ebook-reading software applications that you can use without having to purchase a hardware device.

At no cost to you, you can download, install, and use FREE of charge Adobe Acrobat Reader, Amazon Kindle Software/App, Barnes & Noble Nook Software/App or search Google for other Free eBook reading software.

Choose one of the following: Amazon Kindle Software  |  Barnes & Noble Nook Software  |  Search Google

To learn more about these formats, their compatibility, and the devices and reading software required, read the following Wiki pages: ePub | Mobi | PDF

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  1. Lorin D Lawrence, DVM
    Posted September 2, 2016 at 10:31 PM | Permalink

    Hi Jim, Just read “Ice Hunt,” the first novel of yours that I’ve read. It was so riveting, I thought I was reading Clancy or Ludlum! And what a vocabulary you have! It was a joy to take in your descriptions of the natural spaces in this book. And it’s perfectly OK with me to take some liberties with science for the sake of a good yarn. But imagine my surprise and glee to find out we are school mates. I’m an ’83 grad of UMC. You may have had a couple classmates of mine for instructors: Stan Casteel and Kevin Keegan. Now that I’m semi retired, I plan to explore your entire body of work. Thank you for writing such an engaging novel.

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