• The Seventh Plague Clues 1-9

    I’ve been mostly mum about this December’s release of the next big Sigma novel, THE SEVENTH PLAGUE. The reason: the concepts and historical mysteries coming up this next book a Read More
  • To Dad

    I bought a gift for my father four days ago for Father’s Day. It was nothing particularly special as he was living in a nursing home due to advancing dementia and there was not a Read More
  • Short Story Print Editions

    I am often asked, are your short stories in print format? Each of my short stories are printed in the paper edition of the book that the short story introduces. The Midnight Watch Read More
  • Tucker and Kane’s next adventure

    Tucker and Kane’s next adventure is titled, “War Hawk”. Read a sneak peek of their next journey in today’s paperback release of The Kill Switch. Who does the U.S. gover Read More
  • Home for the Holidays

    Rather than myself, I would like to share my sister Carrie’s point of view of our family Christmas. Enjoy the read as well as some of the photos of the decorations throughout Read More
  • Signed Bookplates

    Would you like a personalized book or signed bookplate? I would love to sign and mail you one. Bookplate Request Read More
  • E-Book Reading Software

    Would you like to read an eBook but you do not have an eReader? There are a large number of availbe ebook reading software applications that you can use without having to purchase Read More