Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Released On: May 01, 2008

“The name is Jones. Indiana Jones.”He’s back. Everyone’s favorite globe-trotting, tomb-raiding, wisecracking archaeologist is finally at it again – hurtling headfirst into high adventure and relying on his wits, his fists, and his trusty bullwhip to get him out of deep trouble. But the man in the jaunty brown fedora and battered leather jacket is no ordinary digger in the dirt.

From the fabled lost Ark of the Covenant to the legendary Holy Grail, he’s salvaged the world’s most amazing artifacts, while beating the baddest villains and defying the most breathtaking odds.Now it’s 1957, the atomic age is in full swing, and McCarthy-era paranoia has the nation on edge. But for Indiana Jones, the Cold War really heats up when his latest expedition is crashed by a ruthless squad of Russian soldiers. Commanded by a sword-wielding colonel who’s as sinister as she is stunning, the menacing Reds drag an unwilling Indy along as they brazenly invade American soil, massacre U.S. soldiers, and plunder a top-secret government warehouse. Their objective: a relic even more precious–and powerful – than the mythic Ark, capable of unlocking secrets beyond human comprehension.Fast thinking and some high-speed maneuvers help Jones turn the tables, and a one-in-a-million escape narrowly saves him from certain death.

But when he’s tarred as a suspected spy and fired by his university, Indy thinks it may be time to hang up his hat.Fate, however, has other plans. Suddenly the road to retirement takes a sharp detour when a colleague’s kidnapping leads Jones into the depths of the Amazon jungle on a desperate rescue mission. With a hot-headed teenage biker as his unlikely wing man and his vengeful new Russian nemesis waiting for a rematch, Indy’s back in the game–playing for a prize all the wonders of the world could never rival.

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  • Q. It has been a tradition with Indiana Jones to have novelizations come out with the movies. Why do you think the books are essential companions to the films?
    A. There's the old adage: The book was better than the movie. And I think that mostly arises from the f ... Read More
  • Q. So how were you chosen to write the novelization to Indy 4?
    A. Well, over the years, my books have been critically compared to Indiana Jones – I think mostly due ... Read More
  • Q. Why was it important for you to write this book?
    A. I would've written this in my own blood if they'd asked me to. I'm a huge Indy fan. In fact, I remem ... Read More
  • Q. What was it like to pen the character of Indiana Jones?
    A. It was somewhat intimidating to step into Indy's shoes, smash on that fedora, and grab that bullwhip ... Read More
  • Q. Take us through the process: reading the script, adapting it into a novel.
    A. It was an absolute blast! I first read the script back in the late spring of 2007. At that time, sec ... Read More
  • Q. Explain how Harrison Ford's portrayal can be translated into words and how readers will recognize the Indy from the films.
    A. Harrison Ford brings much more to the character than just his dialogue and actions: the way he shift ... Read More
  • Q. Why is Indy not only a perfect hero for the screen but also a character who comes alive on the page?
    A. For me, Indiana Jones is the everyman hero. He doesn't have any super powers, nor does he have any c ... Read More
  • Q. Explain the romantic angle of the story and Marion Ravenwood's relationship with Indy.
    A. Who didn't fall in love with Marion Ravenwood from the opening scene in the Raven Saloon in Nepal, w ... Read More
  • Q. Did you find yourself inventing a lot of backstory to what has happened to Marion since we last saw her in Raiders?
    A. Some of it was hinted at in the script, but I was allowed to expand on it during scenes from Marion' ... Read More
  • Q. Tell us about Mutt?
    A. After Indy, Mutt was the one of the best characters to write. A motorcycle-driving, prep-school drop ... Read More
  • Q. We also meet some lethal villains: How do you handle them?
    A. Ah, the sword-wielding Irina Spalko and her icy bodyguard Colonel Dovchenko. The pair are part of an ... Read More
  • Q. Did you research any aspects of the story: The red scare, the Russian government's obsession with the supernatural and psychic powers?
    A. It was actually a weird bit of serendipity. Even before being approached for this project, I had alr ... Read More
  • Q. The story is full of colorful secondary characters such as Mac and Oxley. How did you bring a voice to them in the book?
    A. That is one of the things that make each Indy movie so unique. Besides the central MacGuffin – the ... Read More
  • Q. What can you tell us about the Crystal Skull?
    A. I've always been fascinated by the mythology surrounding the Crystal Skulls, especially the Mitchell ... Read More
  • Q. Can we expect a bit of a geography lesson in the book through the different countries visited by Indy on his adventure?
    A. Of course! I always loved that part of the earlier movies where you see the plane coursing across a ... Read More
  • Q. The story takes place in 1957. How is that era reflected in the story?
    A. As with the geographical setting, the world view of the time is as much a character in the book as I ... Read More
  • Q. Quick answers to rapid-fire reader questions:
    A. Q: Protective weapon of choice (we hope not a bull whip): A: My charming personality (okay, I'm d ... Read More
  • Q. Craziest stunt?
    A. Swimming with sharks. Stupid, stupid, stupid. ... Read More
  • Q. Favorite sidekick of all time?
    A. My golden retriever, Penny. ... Read More
  • Q. How do you feel about snakes?
    A. With a little ketchup, they aren't bad. ... Read More
  • Q. Protective weapon of choice (we hope not a bull whip)?
    A. My charming personality (okay, I'm doomed). ... Read More
  • Q. To what lengths would you go to rescue your favorite hat?
    A. I'd let it go. It would just give me another reason to go shopping. ... Read More
  • Q. What you'd do in the face of someone trying to remove your still-beating heart?
    A. Run really, really fast. ... Read More
  • Q. Will you still crave adventure in your AARP years?
    A. No doubt. Though maybe I'll skip the fried tarantulas. (I heard they're high in cholesterol.) ... Read More


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