• The Last Odyssey Faster Shipping

    With delays in Amazon book deliveries, questions have reached me about where to get copies more quickly. Many big chains DO have copies on hand, so I gathered a convenient list her Read More
  • Hand Signed The Last Odyssey Editions

    While homebound, I’ve been doing my best to get signed books (or bookplates) distributed far and wide—but stocks are running very low. Where can you get your hands on one of th Read More
  • Short Story Print Editions

    I am often asked, are your short stories in print format? Each of my short stories are printed in the paper edition of the book that the short story introduces. Ghost Ship *The Dem Read More
  • Signed Bookplates

    Would you like a personalized book or signed bookplate? I would love to sign and mail you one. Bookplate Request Read More
  • E-Book Reading Software

    Would you like to read an eBook but you do not have an eReader? There are a large number of availbe ebook reading software applications that you can use without having to purchase Read More